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Breaking News 📰

Out with the old, in with Nonio. A new Reddit-like platform is on the block, and it's giving directly back to content creators. Yep, you read it right, your subscription is not heading to some big corporate pocket, but split evenly between everything you upvote each month.

Here's the 101:

  • Nonio is not ad-dependent. Instead, it's powered by a $1 subscription fee to run the servers, and any extra buck goes straight to content creators. Sounds like Robin Hood became a techie, huh?

  • Browse for free, and pay just $2/month to interact. It's cheaper than your favorite cup of coffee.

  • Bring your content, all of it. Nonio is a content creator's playground. Whether you're into images, blogs, videos (up to 8k res), HTML, and soon audio, it's all welcome here.

So, are you ready to be a part of the content revolution? We'd suggest giving Nonio a go. We're all here for the change, and this seems like the next big thing!

P.S: It seems like the only thing Nonio doesn’t support yet is our laundry. But hey, you never know what’s coming next!

Meet Dimension Hopper, the brainchild of robotics whiz Benjie Holson, who has brilliantly melded his love for general-purpose robotics with the newest AI trends. And the result? A 2D platformer with a unique twist!

The game lets players design their own levels and then employs generative AI to transform these into beautifully rendered art. In simple terms, Dimension Hopper is a platform where players become Picassos!

Holson's journey of integrating Stable Diffusion and Control-net to develop this game has been nothing short of an adventure. From proving the concept, to installing Stable-Diffusion, testing depth and scribble modes, experimenting with different prompts, and finally finding the right balance between an aesthetically pleasing image and gameplay functionality - it's been a ride.

😲 With more models, projects, and releases coming soon, we are excited to see what the community does next during the new year! Follow us to stay tuned!" / Twitter

One of the major challenges? Creating a clear distinction between playable and non-playable areas in a visually appealing manner. The solution: adding little 'lips' to platforms. And voila, it worked! The game also manages to handle character sprites effectively, even if it can't be very specific. As long as you're not too picky, you'll have new characters all day long!

Head over to dimensionhopper.com to play with it now. And for those who fancy a little bit of the nerd-talk, you can discuss more about the game development on Hacker News. Holson's journey with this game is a perfect reminder that if at first, you don't succeed, change your model. And if all else fails, put a lip on it!

BlackBox is revolutionizing the content creation landscape for bloggers, marketers, and hobbyists. It's not just a fancy black box of magic, but a powerful content curation engine ready to fuel your websites with fresh, readable material.

In essence, BlackBox uses advanced language models, polished by regular algorithmic updates, to create and curate blog posts for your site, helping you keep your audience informed at the speed of light.

So, how does one harness this power? Easy peasy!

It's like having a robot intern, but better, because BlackBox doesn't need coffee breaks. So why wait? Give BlackBox a go and keep your content game strong!

Remember, content is king, but curation is queen and she rules the house! With BlackBox, you have both!

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  • Binocs : The simplest crypto tax software and accounting platform (link)

  • GetGenie Ai : Your personal AI assistant to write & rank 20x faster (link)

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  • Keepmail : Secure and private email forwarding service (link)

Product Jobs - New 💼

All of us will experience a major decline in health at some point. That’s life, until the day we’re no longer here. However, we can maximize the probability of staying healthy over the long run by maintaining positive habits and lifestyle choices.

Working hard is undoubtedly important, but it’s also critical to do whatever you can to reduce the physical and emotional load caused by an ambitious career.

I consider myself fortunate to have experienced firsthand what it’s like to be disabled for an extended period of time, and I now have a much deeper appreciation of just how awesome life is when you have great health. Do not take it for granted.

This came from my notes as I was talking to a therapist on this. They talked about the shadows of superpowers. And I thought it was an incredibly powerful phrase that everyone focuses on your superpowers, but no one ever thinks about what shadows they create. Shadows of superpowers to me is the story of a lot of executives. There's an adage that's thrown around, which is, what gets you there isn't what got you here. It's sort of the tools that have made you successful today, you need to almost rebuild or relearn to get to the next phase. And I think both of these sort of speak to the same point, that oftentimes people have a great superpower. They go into a performance review, person says, "You're getting some feedback from your peers that you struggle in collaboration." And the manager even sometimes is puzzled, but the individual will say, "Are you kidding me? My last five performance reviews told me that I was one of the best collaborators in the company. How in the world is that possible?"

Nikhyl Singhal (Meta, Google)

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